Monday, January 4, 2010

San Francisco

Jun 2008 i've got a project transfer from the company i work for at San Jose, which is about an hour drive to San Francisco.  The month we were there is kinda perfect weather about 20 degree celcius (not so hot and not so cold). All picture below is taken with Canon PowershotA520.

This place called Pier 39, a tourist spots. A view from top of the bridge from parking lot.

As you can see there is alot shops selling drinks, food and also 'Aquarium of the Bay' consist of many marine aquatic life.

Shops from left and right at the Pier 39 (you guys might wanna try the crepes stall at the left, really good actually and at affordable price).

Going deep down the shops, we can see the famous Alcatraz prison. They have a boat taking tourist around the Pier to the Alcatraz prison for a USD 20-30 bulks (kinda expensive which i didn't go).

CANDY STORE!!! for a cheap dollar, we can take as many type of candies in the store for 100grams or 200grams (sorry forgot how much it cost actually), but it really fun inside the candy stores.

And by the side of the Pier, we can see tons of Sea lions taking a sun bath. They taking a naps for hours though, and kinda noisy for those did not sleep.

View along the cost of Pier 39 on Saturday, alot tourist and also locals taking a break for a nice sunny weather.

Near the Pier 39 about 20min drive, is the San Francisco famous road, the Lombard Street or the street of There's many cars driving down the winding road just for funs and taking a nice photo of the beautiful flowers surrounding the street.

One of the beautiful house just beside the Lombard Steet, must be cost a fortune.

This is also San Francisco antic train, still running taking tourist and passengers around the town for free, you can jump on the train anytime as it running very slow.

Yes.. the Golden Gate Bridge complete in 1937 and it is a symbol for San Francisco. We got really lucky when we were there, there is no cloud covering the bridge. A very nice sunny view.

Pedestrian can actually walk by the side of the bridge to the other side. It's not hot as you see in the picture but rather cold.

View from the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge, the magnificent San Francisco city.

View from the back to the bridge, yup it's REALLY high above sea level, kinda scary when you look down.


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