Friday, January 8, 2010

A must item for DSLR

YEAH, i got my Dry Cabinet, DSLR bag and Silica gel today. My BEGINNERS =.= equipment is almost complete. Now left is the external Flash which needed to make nice picture during low lighting. Else if using Internal flash, it's a gogo

DSLR need to be carefully taken care of, as like your 2nd wife. If the camera did not carefully taken care, for example leaving it on your room or cabinet, your camera lens will collect alot of dust and MOST important is the moisture or humidity in our country Malaysia is around RH70-80%. Fungus will appear in the lens if leave it for a very long time.

Silica Gel which can reduce the RH to lower and best to be kept it in our bags. The Silica Gel i bought is a recycle type as picture above. How it works, you see the little purple gel in the middle? If the gel turn pink, then you need to plug in to the socket to dry out the moisture, when the moisture has been completely dry the gel will turn blue. I bought it from the internet for RM49 + delivery to your door steps.

The bags above i bought is a beginner type (like me for example). Bought it from a photography forum for a price of rm290 + delivery. It's a quite decent bags for beginner, it can fit a DSLR camera a room for lens and your external flash. A few more pocket for other small stuff like your lens cap, cables..etc

Above item is the MOST important stuff when you bought your DSLR, a Dry Cabinet which can maintain and control humidity. The best RH % for keeping our camera in the cabinet is a measurement of RH 45-55%. We can't much lower then that or higher. Why? because if too low the rubber around your camera will crack, if too high fungus appear. So it's best to keep it at RH 45-55% all the time. I bought it also from the same forum for a price of RM230 + delivery. A must stuff if you first bought your camera even you in a very tight budget, else if anything happen and your camera is out of warranty, don't blame

So total cost untill now for my Beginners Equipment is as below
Sony A330L with Kit lens - RM2088
DSLR Bag - RM290
Dry Cabinet - RM230
Wonderful Electronic Silica Gel (recyclable) - RM49
UV Filter - RM60
Tripod - RM50

Total - RM2767

Of course my DSLR paid with Credit card 0%


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