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Monday, February 21, 2011

Macro–My first Giraffe Weevil


Yosh, finally I’ve got my first Giraffe Weevil, even though I only manage to get 1 acceptable shot, but then I’m happy it’s got into my collection.

Giraffe Weevil (Male)

The male Giraffe Weevil has a long neck then the female. Actually I’ve shot the female but the subject is totally out of focus so I delete it lol. You can see the video below which I shot 1 week before where I totally could not get near the Giraffe Weevil because it was too far and I only manage to shot video of its.

3 Giraffe Weevil out of my reach!
And so there you hope you enjoy 1 of my pics and hopefully there’s more Giraffe Weevil to be captured… (in my dslr of coz) lol. Cheers

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kek Lok Si Temple at Night 2011


Last year during Chinese New Year 2010, i could only watch other people picture from internet the beauty of Kek Lok Si light up at night. I even took a picture of those people who was at the opposite of Kek Lok Si Temple farming plantation using my 55-200mm lol (see below picture). Well this year i made it finally, take a picture of the beautiful Kek Lok Si Temple which only light up for about a month only during Chinese New Year.

Kek Lok Si Temple 2011 - Light Up

The weather is not so nice the day i shoot coz too many haze. There’s suppose to be a crane on top of the temple but i remove it from photoshop and some clone work on the roof of the building due to lights a missing. Well how’s it goes? I’m quite satisfy with this picture shot by using my 18-55mm kit lens. The location i shot is warn by the farm owner that there’s a lot of snakes around at night so those who would like to shoot at this location must wear a ‘Phua Chu Kang’ boots or construction boots with long pants. Some people who wearing shorts were ask to leave. There’s actually another location high above the place i shoot but the location is not quite good (but the farm owner will not disturb you, picture below is the location).

While waiting for night to come, i shoot a few shot and convert it to HDR (high dynamic range), not so good but it’s ok.

Kek Lok Si Temple - HDR Photomatrix

Well my dream come true to get this beautiful shot. Hope all of you photographer would able to shoot at this location. Feel free to PM me at my facebook or my flickr for actual location so you can go and get ready to shoot next year if you can’t make it this year.

A memory from last year the shot i took from Kek Lok Si using my 55-200mm at max zoom. The place i shot is lower then their location there. Cheers.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year


Happy Chinese New Year and happy holiday to all. May this year brings more wealth and good health to all.

You Got Apple? i got Orange!

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