Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cherok Tokun

Cherok Tokun a small little tourist spot or to be exact place for people taking exercise (walking up to the mountain) , Currently the place are under renovation surrounding the Cherok Tokun to attract more visitor. Photo taken with Sony A330 DSLR


The waterfall is taken with Shutter Priority mode. I've try to make a longer shutter but end up the photo is over expose.

ISO: 100 |Exposure: 1/3 sec |Aperture: 18.0 |Focal Length: 28mm

The water flow down from the waterfall above taken with Shutter priority mode ISO: 100 |Exposure: 0.8 sec |Aperture: 36.0 |Focal Length: 50mm

Water flowing down the river is taking with shutter priority mode ISO: 100 |Exposure: 1/3 sec |Aperture: 18.0 |Focal Length: 28mm

Small river stream flowing down,ISO: 100 | Exposure: 1/3 sec |Aperture: 22.0 |Focal Length: 45mm


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