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Thank you for visiting my blog and it's been more then a year (1 year 4 months to be exact) since i venture into photography as my interest. During the early days since i get my first DSLR i do not know actually there's many direction to go from the photography as a hobby my self. I've learn that there's potrait, product, street shot, landscape and macro. Well i've shot all of it without knowing what my real interest in photography is.

Time goes by and i get my 2nd DSLR the Sony A580 at early January 2011 and by the time now i have venture into Landscape and Macro (Insect, Bugs, Flowers) photography. This is what i found what my real interest in photography going to, and so i've been going around Penang, Malaysia (my hometown) shooting landscape and Macro. I've already own a flickr pro account just to better organize my picture and also to share all my picture i shot.

Again thank you for visiting my blogs and interest in knowing me.

p/s: Just a little update to change the picture. Cheers.

Steven Lai
Update 8th June 2011


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