Sunday, January 10, 2010

Asam Laksa @ Air Itam Penang

My first Food blog lol, Asam Laksa is Penang 1 of favourite food (especially female lol). The Asam Laksa stall at Air Itam has been operating for many many years in the same exact location (on the way to Kek Lok Si Temple) on the Pasar road side. Location cleanliness is kinda bad because the stall is just beside the drain.

The strong aroma from the Asam Laksa makes everybody wanna come back for a second time, and i've been back here countless of time. Taste wise, been the same all the time. The Laksa noodles is tender and the soup has plenty of fish flake. But what i don't like about this asam laksa is they put ALOT of mint leaf, almost equal to cucumber. It cost now RM2.70 a bowl.

So for those who want to taste how Penang Asam Laksa is, the location is easy to find, it just by the road side of Pasar Road on the way to Kek Lok Si Temple, you won't miss the place. Enjoy..
Assam Laksa Air Itam Market
Pasar Road
11500 Air Itam


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