Sunday, April 24, 2011

Macro–Jumping Spider with prey

Jumping Spider with Prey IV

I brought back this jumping spider to my home because I’m unable to shot this spider on location. Why? Because there’s too much mosquito on that area and I did not prepare for it lol. So I put inside a plastic container and catch a mosquito to feed it at night then I take out my dslr and shoot it when it’s eating the prey. I have so much fun and exited watching the spider catching the prey flying around the plastic container. The Jumping spider did not move much after the mouth is full with Enjoy the rest of the pics.

 Jumping Spider with Prey V

Jumping Spider with Prey III

Jumping Spider with Prey II

Jumping Spider with Prey I

All picture were shot with Tamron SP AF90 attach with Raynox DCR-250. So the magnification of all the picture is around 2:1 if I’m not mistaken.

For more spider series click here. Cheers.


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