Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pulau Aman 2010

Pulau Aman certainly a place to visits if you like freshly seafood for example mantis shrimp, crabs and shrimp. When i’m there the fisherman told us there is no crabs for the day when were there, so we end up only having mantis shrimps.

Mee Udang which we were having and it is REALLY yummy with the freshly prawn.

A cold refreshing Ice lemon tea for a hot humid weather.

This is the mantis shrimps we order, 10 of this shrimp cost us rm15.

Look at the meat of the mantis shrimps. It is a real pity there is no crabs for us that day.

The restaurant where we having our lunch.

Visitors ordering their meal.

While we waiting for the restaurant to open during lunch, which we arrive quite early and we walk around the village, taking some scenery picture below, enjoy.

This is a scallop shell.

A new jetty from Pulau Aman.

You can go to Pulau Aman by driving towards the Pulau Aman Jetty from Batu Kawan Stadium. There is a road sign bringing you there. Cost for getting there from their boat is rm6 for round trip.

More picture from Pulau Aman can be view at my Picasa Web album by click here.

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