Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Auto City Carnival 2010 @ Auto City Juru

Oh well, as the title says Auto City Carnival event which covers variety of event including car modifications, car shows, models competition, recycling costume wear and much more which i only covers a few of them.

This event happen at Juru Auto City in the 11th June until 13th June 2010. This event suppose to cover the car shows and car modification which i did not shoot any picture of it (too concentrate on the models and show lol), hopefully next time i will cover all the event :)

Beautiful models Stephy Lee posing on the car.

Roxanne Khor as below

The ever beautiful Intan Shafinas

Slim Wear Show

Children posing on the Recycling Costume wear event

Auto City Models

There are more photos in my picasaweb album here. Feel free to visits and thank you for visiting my blogs. Cheers.


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