Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wesak Day 2010 @ Burmah Road

The whole Malaysia celebrate Wesak Day on 28th Feb. I’m there taking picture of this historic event which remembered as the day Buddha is born.

People from whole Penang come to the ‘Sleeping Buddha’ Temple for praying to celebrate this event.

Donation given by the public to the Temple of the Sleeping Buddha.

Some were giving donation in by buying the candle and light it around the temple.

Gentlemen here burning Joss Stick to pray.

People praying in front of Monk.

Cute little girl having bless from the monk.

Girls having their hand tie with a string bless from the monk.

People praying.

People throwing coins to the statue just above a pool for bless.

The place where they throwing the coins into.

Children joining the parade.

Monk watching the parade and below is the Parade going on throughout the night.

Foreigner watching the parade.

Children listen to instruction from their teacher.

It is a very fantastic event happen only once every year. Please visit’s my Picasa Web for more picture on the Wesak Day event by clicking here.

Thanks for viewing. Cheers.


Henry said...

I wait the same day of next year.

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