Monday, May 17, 2010

DIY Lightbox Product Photography 2010

When there is no event, function and what so ever, what you gonna do with a DSLR at home? Well i’ve done a product photography, a Ferrari F1 model car as below;

Picture looks abit under expose and need to use smaller aperture coz the front and back of the car not detail enough (thanks for the comment from erictham from Shutterasia forum website, will improve more).

Side view the model car.

Front view the model car, yeah can see not enough details the front and back of the car, and below is my DIY lightbox.

Here is the lightbox i’ve made with description of item. It does makes great product picture with this simple stuff you can find at your home when you’re totally free. By the way the box i already scrap since i’ve bought a new light tent to replace Thanks for viewing.


anie said...

Really the Red Ferrari F1 model car is very attractive and beautiful. All the views are good. Thank you!

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