Thursday, February 4, 2010

Taiping Zoo @ Taiping Perak

30th Jan is Public Holiday for Malaysian to celebrate Thaipusam. But on this day i was in Taiping Perak to visit Taiping Zoo therefore there is actually no photo taken from me for the Thaipusam festival. I've never been to any zoo before and therefore i was actually happy when i was there in Taiping Zoo when touring the zoo with the free touring on a mini train for tourist.

Visitors is greeted with the 'Selamat Datang' sign or 'Welcome' to Zoo Taiping and Night Safari. There is 2 section for visiting the zoo taiping, 1 is during the day time and another is during the night which why they  call Night Safari. Some animal is active during night and some animal is active during day where you can enjoy both season if you stay a night at Taiping, and below is the picture of animal i took during my visits there.. enjoy

This is a Green Iguana located just when you enter the zoo.

Red Hartebees

White Rhinoceros

Beautiful scenery along the walkway around the zoo

Mute Swan by the lake

Roooarrrr.. Tiger

Some birds forgot the name of it.

Camel...chooses to ignore us =.=



Another birds forgot the name


Honey Bear

Another beautiful green scenery at the lake

What i like on the zoo was there is many birds as picture above species name Black Crowned Night Heron flying around freely around the zoo, and picture above is the birds making their own nest at the middle of the lake...nice

Rooooarrrrr.... African Lion

A Pig with beard... and they call this species Bearded Pig.

Group of Axis Deer taking a nice rest under the tree

There are many more animals which i'm unable to take a clear picture because they were in a cage (very hard to focus them) and some animal is sleeping during the day example the Black Panther. That is why they have another season for for visitors during the night which i did not go because the weather is super hot on that day and force me to go back home immediately. Entrance fee to visit the Zoo and Night Safari is RM16 for adults and RM10 for children (3-12 years old)

Open Daily from 8.30am to 6pm for Day season

Night Safari open daily from 8 to 11pm and for Saturday and Public holiday eve 8 to 12am

Please visit their official website here on how to get there and more info is available.


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