Monday, February 8, 2010

My first HDR

HDR means High Dynamic Range imaging. It works by combining 3 picture in different exposure into 1. For more info on HDR you can read at wikipedia here. There are tons of HDR processing software around the internet and the one i'm using is Photomatix as my HDR processing.

Below is my first HDR, picture below is the original picture before HDR processing is done.

As you can see the picture i took is kinda dull, plain and out of contrast. Its a noob photography by me. Using Adobe Photoshop to recreate 3 different exposure which is 1 over expose, 1 below expose and another is normal exposure and combine all the 3 picture using Photomatix to create a HDR image as below.

YEAH! processing is done and image above the HDR picture. You can see the picture is like animated which i purposely do and we can see a more detail texture on the Rhino skin. A fail picture become an increadible photo for collection. I will post more HDR picture when i have the time to do


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