Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ireland Trip @ 2009

First off, it's not actually i'm on Ireland for vacation, my company send me there to transfer a certain product back here in Malaysia to run. I'm there in March 16 onwards for 2 weeks in 2009.

Ireland certainly a nice place to visit and i guarantee you guys won't regret. It is a nice place to get away from all those hot humi weather country and relax here. The temperature when i'm here is around 15-18celcius and in Ireland it rains all the time.

Picture above are houses where Irish live in and see how the traffic there? it's calm huh.

Houses of Irish.

still not much traffic, one thing is irish people likes to walk and they do walk pretty

Galway shopping mall area. For your info Galway is part of Ireland city.

City Center at Galway.

People of Irish like's to drink beer for your info, and picture you can see above is bar along the way, and they like's to drink their home made Guinness Stoud.

More bar's.

People making a living by the roadside. From what i see the police in Ireland is very kind, they did not rush them away from public places.

For a few euro you can ride along this classic around the town.

Nice sunny weather. People of Irish like's sun alot coz Ireland as i says keeps raining and cold.

More people taking a walk and shopping on this nice weather.

Nice boat near the city center in Galway.

And there we goes the end of our trip at Galway. Next up Dublin, the main city of Ireland.

Yeah Dublin, main capital of Ireland.

Passenger train to bring people around town.

Yup it's a taxi. cute huh.

kinda forgot what building is

This old man has been drawing on this street for 2 weeks now and making a living by donation from public. It is a VERY nice art. There are people asking for this picture and this guy says 'i'm not selling it' ..maybe i heard it

a fren of mine were SHOCK when this statue suddenly move and touch my It's a human statue..haha

Bodies exhibition at dublin, couldn't go there coz it's expensive.

There's alot statue around the Dublin city to remember's the politician or heroes of their country.

Close up.

duh, it's rain again, and irish people kinda get use to it and always prepare for it.

nice building huh.

Nice classic building like makes you live in the 16th century.

People selling HOT DOGS.

For 5 euro, u get this VERY LARGE HOT DOGS!!!! that is my hand holding the hot dogs.

Concert getting ready for the arrival of Volvo Ocean Race bot.

And here come's the arrival of the Volvo Ocean Race boat (around 2am in the morning)

boats close up.

A very very very old ruin.

nice river.

The river just flow below the house above huh.

Random pics i took when going on bus tour in Ireland.

When on tour, we were told that this statue were build by a very rich man 200 years ago. It is to remind people that on that day there is no tragic and nothing happen (a nice jokes by a man who actually really build it 200 years ago and written on the bricks behind him).

And that's it, you can view more pics at my picasa webs here

Thanks for viewing.


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